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Need for Bioplastics

Our modern lifestyle would be incomplete without plastics. Consumers throughout the world take advantage of versatile application of plastics. Plastics play a key role in delivering high-quality products in almost every market sector. Bioplastics – plastics that are bio-based, biodegradable, or both – have the same or similar properties as conventional plastics but offer additional benefits, such as a reduced carbon footprint, better functionalities, or additional waste management options, such as organic recycling. According to a study done by European Bioplastics Association in 2018, bioplastics still only represent well under one percent of the about 335 million tonnes of plastic produced annually [1]. With a constant increase in demand, the development of more sophisticated materials and products is on the rise. We hope that the new bioplastics will behave like conventional plastic and will have less environmental impact than their predecessors [2].